Mo Coppoletta is a world-renowned artist, designer and tattoo artist.

His immense passion for Art in all its expressive forms and applications, has made him a multifaceted visionary, able to adapt his stylistic métier, strongly inspired by graphic, ornamental and decorative arts, spanning from medieval times to the early parts of the 20th century, in executions that lend themselves to design, illustrations and fine art.

Born and raised in the Italian countryside of Verona, Mo Coppoletta has been a devoted and curious aesthete from an early age. He began his tattooing career at the age of 27 when, after travelling the world collecting tattoos, stories and works of art and design, he decided to establish in London, founding his tattoo parlour, The Family Business, in 2003.

In 2011, feeling the need of finding a new aesthetic expression for his art Mo founded Coppoletta Designs: focussing on the development of design, branding and communication projects. Coppoletta Designs has since become a reference in the international world of luxury, with the aim of developing specific and exclusive artistic projects that benefit from his eye for detail, aesthetically-refined nuance and breathtaking drama.


Octo Finissimo Tatoo Fuoco

Coppoletta Design X BVLGARI

For this final act, the canvas is rose gold. I wanted to express the warmth, you might even say opulence of this metal through a flame motif and voluptuous forms that contrast with the linearity of the case and bracelet. Thus ‘Fuoco’, with all its visual, compelling power, came into being. A singular edition of only 15 pieces.